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Manitoba Electronic Music Exhibition Visual Artists and Vj's

Carrie Gates

Carrie Gates’ video mixing works use sound-reactive 3D processing and unusual rhythmic juxtapositions to create throbbing, psychedelic, responsive compositions. Gates creates websites and print materials for small businesses, academic organizations, Aboriginal communities, artists, and music labels. She has played an active role in the experimental electronic music scene and independent artist-run organizations since the mid-1990s. Carrie Gates has a degree in Art History from the University of Saskatchewan.

Social Media & Contact:

Website: http://www.vjcarriegates.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/carriegatescreates

Pixel Pusher

Chris Morley AKA PixelPusher works as Director of Visuals Arts for Memetic. Having been around the local scene in Winnipeg for 8 years, working for various promotion groups like Winnipeg Psychedelic Productions, BaseFace, Base Invaders, DualBeat, Symptom Tech and a few corporate gigs he uses an array of sound reactive custom shot footage, pop culture references, motion graphics & custom screens to provide audiences with a unique and musically expressive experience.

Highlights of his career include performing for several years at Motion Notion in BC, Cosmic Ascension in Minnesota, Connect Music festival In Saskatchewan and of course MEME (Manitoba Electronic Music Exhibition). Look forward to seeing some unique and audience immersive projects from PixelPusher in 2015.

Social Media & Contact:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/PixelPusher.ca

Website: https://www.wpgvjs.com


Starting at an early age with the ray traced renderings of teapots and a steady diet of the mid 90’s CGI animated show ‘ReBoot’ that an aspiring digital artist was born.

Through early love affairs with 3d animation packages; digital environments and surreal landscapes have always fascinated me with the power to build worlds. From this point of origin a photography passion was born to help further refine ideas of composition and lighting. Most recently adventures into live visualizations, known as VJing, have captivated my attention and combined previous interests in new and novel ways.

It is from this platform that a new moniker was made – Parallax under which I perform.

Aside from the Parallax project, Jabez Wray is also a sometimes photographer, passable web designer and technology geek director for MEMETIC, parent organization to Winnipeg’s annual MEME (Manitoba Electronic Music Exhibition) festival.

Social Media & Contact:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/parallx/

Website: https://www.wpgvjs.com

Toxic Prophecy

Toxic Prophecy is a contemporary, female video artist who transforms moving pictures and two-dimensional images into complex digital ecosystems that are heavily influenced by the natural world, technology and abstract art. By using layering techniques, she constructs these beautiful digital environments in which all of her videos become interconnected. Her projections transcend realism by navigating the viewer through a realm of digitally enhanced consciousness in order to emerge with a new perspective about art and life.

Her current aesthetic contains elements of glitch and digital pixel art in terms of colour, blending and contrast. In order to create sense of depth and space, Toxic Prophecy changes the colours as well as the placement of the moving images in order to create new and exciting video content. In terms of themes and genres, Toxic Prophecy has developed a wide range of video content that reflects the specific events that she performs at.

Social Media & Contact:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ToxicProphecyVisualArtist

Website: https://www.wpgvjs.com


LVLup began mixing audio during the late 90's in the underground electronic music scene where he became deeply immersed in the rave culture. Being involved in the scene for over a decade as a DJ, LVLup developed an interest in the visual aspects of the electronic music events and shifted his focus from DJing to VJing. The live performance and digital mixing skills that he acquired as a DJ are now applied to his live video mixing and audio reactive video art. His custom footage is designed using VCR’s, test pattern generators, video game systems, effects processors and a host of video mixers. This unique style gives LVLup an 8bit glitchy aesthetic that naturally compliments a diverse range of contemporary electronic music.

Website: https://www.wpgvjs.com