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MEME 2017 Volunteer Form
Must be 20 or older

Volunteer Positions

Select one or more volunteer shift from the below list.

Standards of Conduct Agreement

I understand that as a volunteer for the Manitoba Electronic Music Exhibition (MEME) I promise to:

  • adhere to and review volunteer schedule for any changes;
  • be a positive ambassador for the Festival;
  • fulfill all volunteer responsibilities;
  • abstain from alcohol consumption while on duty;
  • abstain from engaging in any illegal activities while on duty
  • I will pay MEMETIC for a full MEME pass which will be reimbursed upon completion of shifts, this is the ensure that volunteers are performing
    duties as scheduled

I understand that I will be expected to work a minimum of 1 shift (3 or 4 hours) over the festival weekend. I understand that Memetic is not liable for any injury, loss or damages while I fulfill my duties for the festival.

All volunteers will be contacted as soon as possible, usually within 2 weeks of signing up

By hitting the Submit button on this form, I state that, to the best of my knowledge, the information I provided on this application and in the attached documents is true, correct and complete in all respects:

Privacy Policy

MEME is committed to protecting the privacy of this information. It will not be sold, shared or exchanged with other organizations. Your contact information will be shared with the volunteer coordinators.