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Manitoba Electronic Music Exhibition (MEME) Festival Music and Visual Headliners

Stacey Pullen

Stacey Pullen is an innovator from the second wave of Detroit techno; he grew up under the mentorship of Detroit's legendary three: Derrick May, Juan Atkins and Kevin Saunderson. Still continuing to produce his characteristic atmosphere laden electronic sound, Stacey Pullen compounds his reputation as a producer with that of being one of the world's most in demand DJs. Above all, from his earliest attempts to the current day Stacey Pullen has stayed true to his one goal: to become and to always be an Innovator.

In the early days, through legenday Detroit club “The Music Institute”, Stacey quickly got to know the leading lights of Detroit's underground: Alton Miller, Chez Damier, Derrick May, and Jay Denham who influenced and taught him strongly.

A couple of years later, in 1992, Derrick suggested that a good way to develop his skills would be for Stacey to do some remix work with Kevin Saunderson. Stacey began to work on remixes including one for Karen White ‐'The Way I Feel About You', for Prodigy and KMS – just to name a few. Thus Stacey truly became part of the Transmat / Metroplex / KMS team.

After touring Europe with Derrick May all of 1993, Stacey moved back to Detroit, ready to establish himself and start his own label. Throughout 1994 he commuted between Europe and the USA, finishing the Silent Phase album on R & S. Releases like 'The Sphinx' as Bango and the first Silent Phase album on Transmat followed as well as a couple of releases on Plink Plonk by the alias 'Kosmik Messenger' and 'Eye to Eye and 'Flash' ‐ both released in 1995.

In 1998 Stacey was invited to produce his very first major label release on Virgin Records, and at the same time opened the label he had wanted to start for about three years, 'BlackFlag'.

Its debut release, Black Odyssey‘s „Sweat“, was considered a future classic. The pseudonym under which Stacey recorded also dropped the labels second release „Stand“. Both found great success and went on to be licensed to a number of compilation albums, including Stacey‘s „Fabric 14“ mix compilation.

Around that time, Stacey took a break from recording and spent the next years concentrating mainly on furthering his own musical education and Djing.

2011 sees Stacey still on the road, bringing his signature eclecticism to some lucky parts of the planet. As a result, every set becomes more personalized, more unique, a window into Stacey's musical passions. With Black Flag resurrected, 2010’s hit "Alive" is now followed up by "Get Up" in April 2011.

„I wanted to create a clean palette of ‚beats‘ music. Programming it to deliver a serious groove that would keep on coming, progressing and leaving you wanting more.“ Yes, please."

Social Media & Contact:

Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/staceypullen

James Teej

James Teej is a Grammy nominated, Canadian born electronic music producer and DJ currently based on the Canadian west coast in Victoria, British Columbia.

Out of every burgeoning music scene across the globe, a few choice people often reach out of the confines of their home country, going on to share their unique vision, creativity and musical talent with people across the globe. James Teej has done just that with his music career that spans already over 20 years.

The Grammy Nominated (2017 Best Remixed Recordings) Canadian born electronic music artist, producer and DJ, who currently resides in Ecuador, has carved out his own musical space with a seasoned music career that has included releases on some of the World's most cutting edge and sought after labels, leaving behind a consistent discography of boundary pushing music that spans across all genre's of eclectic underground electronic.

With all this under his belt, and no signs of slowing down, he has already fast become one of Canada’s influential stars in the global underground electronic music scene.

In 2007, James began releasing his innovative sound to the world on what has now become a long list of respected recording labels including: Rekids, Rebellion/Crosstown Rebels, No.19 Music, My Favorite Robot (of which he was a band member and label A&R from 2010-2016), Sasha's Last Night On Earth, Get Physical, Rebirth Records, Supernature, We Play House, Galaktika Records, Apersonal, Connect Four Records, Perspectiv, and many more. He has released two full length albums, both receiving worldwide critical acclaim and support.

His music has also been featured on compilations for Fabric and Global Underground (Jamie Jones and Dave Seaman respectively)

Constantly pushing sonic boundaries, all the while exploring the deepest recesses of house, techno and electronica, James’ music has been enjoyed the world over. His formidable catalogue also includes a long list of remixes and collaborations with such artists as Paul McCartney & Wings, Sasha, DJ Hell, Roisin Murphy, Moby, Kidnap Kid, Timo Maas, Trentemøller, Hernan Cattaneo, DJ T, dOP, Matt Tolfrey, Teleman, Kenny Glasgow (of Art Department), and many more. With this, James has become a highly sought after collaborator and Grammy Nominated remixer for labels and artists around the globe.

With track support from the worlds top DJs and producers, a list that includes Pete Tong, Sasha, Laurent Garnier, Carl Craig, Radio Slave, Carl Cox, Danny Tenaglia, Jamie Jones, Maceo Plex, Nick Warren, Seth Troxler, Damian Lazarus, and many more, James has managed to carve out his own space in the global electronic music scene.

As an equally experienced DJ and live performer, James has brought his performances to some of the world's top clubs, including Fabric (London), Panoramabar (Berlin), DC10 (Ibiza), Trouw (Amsterdam), Uberhaus (Lebanon), Warung (Brazil), Rex Club (Paris), Hive (Zurich), Verboten & Output (New York), Zoo Project Festival (Ibiza & UK), and continues to tour around the globe to an ever growing number of fans.

Social Media & Contact:

Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/jamesteej

Billy Dalessandro

Born and bred Chicago native Billy Dalessandro has been producing music since the year 2000. Classically trained and armed to the teeth with keen knowledge of the various modern technologies available to us in this day and age, he cuts in the scene like a fierce wind…leaving waves of creativity.

From the golden years of Force Inc Music works and the Forcetracks days, he’s risen to part-owner of Siteholder Records, and has teamed up with top level underground labels such as Soniculture, Archipel, Thoughtless, Harthouse, Resopal, Alphahouse, Fantastic Friends and numerous others. With remixes for various artists around the globe, licensed by top shelf underground names like John Digweed, Mathew Johnson and Tobi Neumann, as well as remixed by cutting edge international producers like Gui Borrato, Gaiser and Alexander Kowalski, it’s clear Billy’s mission to accomplish innovative artistic musical work has no plans on slowing down anytime soon.

Dalessandro’s live performances aren’t merely a matter of chance and circumstance, which some blame to be unexplained moments of spontaneous combustion, defining moods that justify perfectly dimmed lighting matched to 100 decibel sound systems. There is no time to waste in keeping alive what is most dear to us as we approach our most difficult cultural hour, when art is at the forefront of our humanity. As for life being too short, delicately fragile and unpredictable at it’s core, one should embrace every moment as if only just getting started…thus does Billy Dalessandro.

Social Media & Contact:

Website: http://www.billydalessandro.com/

Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/billydalessandro

Beatport: https://www.beatport.com/artist/billy-dalessandro/8475

Nathan Jonson

Following a decade of producing and DJing as Hrdvsion, Nathan Jonson steps out under his birth name to mark a new stage in his career.

When you have explored as many styles as Hrdvsion did - everything from beatless, ambient tracks to rugged club cuts or pop bootlegs - there isn’t so much new ground to break. The switch of alias isn’t about doing something different but about clearing the palette and some preconceptions of his music, about channelling his accrued influences and knowledge into something fresh and coherent.

Social Media & Contact:

Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/nathanjonson

KLOVES – Calgary

Krystle Brieger, a.k.a “Kloves”, is a Canadian techno producer, currently based in Calgary. Although born and raised in Calgary, Kloves heritage is a blend of Hungarian and Filipino decent, an ancestry she speaks to through the naming conventions of her tracks.

The Kloves ‘brand’ is a relatively new project, symbolizing her focus in a gritty new direction, but contains a unique sound that is both edgy and inciting. A direction inspired by such artists as UK Producer/DJ, Scuba, and Lebanese-Nigerian DJ, Nicole Moudaber.

Kloves debut EP “Lovesu”, released on Skylab Records, one week into 2016. An EP that label owner and purveyor Dane Hanson calls, “a merciless techno monster that locks you into the groove”. Lovesu was also featured in DJ Shael’s (Winnipeg, MB), “Memetic Mix Series 001”.

Krystle’s partner, Bre Banks, has also collaborated vocally on two of Krystle’s tracks, namely “Eunoia” and “Luzid”. Eunoia premiered on Substation Recordings (Calgary, AB) in 2014, while Luzid was released on August 15, 2016 on Shaping Music (London, UK). Kloves original track 'Eksibit' (Luzid EP) was also featured in Scuba's Fabric Live mix ‘Fabric 90: Scuba’ released on October 21, 2016.

Kloves signature sound brings together lush hypnotic sounds that are both aphotic and inciting, work that connects people through a medley of symbiotic resonance.

New release schedules for 2017 include tunes on labels FLASH Recordings, A R T S (Digital), Skylab Records, RE:Define Records and Smash N Grab Records, and with massive support from the likes of Scuba, Cleric, Jen Series, Florian Meindl and more. 

On top of creating her own music, Krystle also takes time out to mentor the up and coming music producers. She does this both one-on-one, and through a boutique music production school in Calgary, AB, called “Beat Drop”. 
Kloves makes her first appearance performing in Manitoba at MEME 2017.

Social Media & Contact:

Web: https://klovestechno.com

Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/klovesyyc

Beatport: https://www.beatport.com/artist/kloves/530754

Lori J Ward

With support on her latest releases from dj’s and producers like Lützenkirchen, Alex Flatner, F.Sonic Adam Jay, Harvey Mckay (Soma), Head Tunes John Selway, Mastik Soul, Paco Osuna, Patric Lindsey, Sergio Mega, Stanny Franssen, Deko-ze, Markus Wesen (Ohral, Blu-Fin,), it is easy to see why Lori’s has had so much success worldwide over the last decade

In 1995 she began this electronic journey in her hometown of Victoria where she started playing at HIFI , Monday nights at the Limit alongside Dj Koosh who showed her what it ment to be a dj.. as well as old school djs like Rennie Foster, Calvin Tang, The Mole, Tyger Dhula, (Cobblestone Jazz) Noah Pred and Jon Delerious to name a few of her long time favorites and friends...

In just 2 short years she had played all over north America and ended up in London. There she held 2 residencies before heading off for 6 months to play as a resident in a club in Luxembourg. It was here that she met Simmer, from shimmy recordings and her production career was on its way, her first vinyl release in 1999 with 3 more that year to follow Lori was on her way. In 1998 she relocated to NYC where she plunged in to the music industry and worked and interned for record promotion company LIFT, now a major player in the electronic music promotion scene, as well as learned about music distribution, college radio promotion, and A&R... All the things that set her up and enabled her to be DIY, solo force... She has ran her own booking agency since 1998, which started in New york city as futuretech artists and now has been re-born into her baby, flavorite music. . A music label, a booking and management company as well as the name for its monthly label parties in Europe. Lori is the mind, body and sweat behind it all...

Somehow she manages to handle the bookings for 5 of her main artists on her label, throw label events for up to 500 people in various cities in countries like Slovenia, Croatia and Austria. Last year she searched out and managed the details for 19 releases, that being 67 tracks as well as promoting the label and licensing her artists tracks to various compilations and doing 3 week tours for her Canadian artists. On top of all this she managed to produce and release for her label as well as the world-renowned kaato Music from Bjorn Wilke and never-ending recordings. How is this possible? Only through pure love and passion for her music and pushing the electronic music movement forward.

'I have given half of my life to music, after 16 years there is no turning back, take the ups with the downs, the good with the bad and remember how lucky I am to be able to have my passion as my job. It is sort of an addiction.

After relocating to Graz in 2002, Tobias Frick came into her life and they teamed up to be the musical force, Phonix. Tobi is responsible for all the amazing artwork, graphic design and videos for phonix and flavorite music. Lori is the lead singer and co-producer of phonix. They have 15 releases, have toured around Austria, were number 37 last year in the top 100 year charts for Austria as well as charts in the weekly top 40, numerous contest wins and the ability to play last year on the electronic beats stage opening for Moderat. Phonix is yet another major project that Lori is part of that is growing in success every day.

If this wasn’t enough, don’t forget why she is here in the first place. She ranks with the top female djs in the world. Being one of the first females in Canada and helping build the scene on the west coast of canada she found it easy to manage to do this everywhere she went, spreading herself around London, New York City and Austria where she has spent the last decade. She is intense, passionate, mildy quirky and sometimes bluntly honest and sarcastic, but that’s what we love about her. At the end of the day, Lori is actually a quiet, somewhat shy person who prefers to spend time alone. Although when you see her out, it seems the complete opposite, Lori is a fireball, and when her personality and ability to play music come together on the stage, you see why Lori has been on the top of her game for over 18 years.

Social Media & Contact:

Mixcloud: https://www.mixcloud.com/lorijward/