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Vendor Types

We may deny your booth if you plan to sell products or services that are immoral, dangerous or not consistent with the festival’s vibe, in which case you will be contacted and your money will be refunded.

Food Vendors

We limit the number of food vendors, please inquire directly to make sure that space is still available if you want to sell food.

Arrival and Booth Placement

Vendors must arrive between 8am and 4pm on Friday August 18th. Someone will be on-site to point you where to set up. The maximum size each vendor may occupy is determined as per individual vendor contracts. MEMETIC reserves the right to designate or move the location of the vendor booths at any time.


Merchandise & services vendors will be provided with one 120v circuit regular “household-style” 3-prong outlet.

Food vendors will be provided with the style of plug-ins they require so long as they explain their needs on their application.

A few electrical distribution panels will be spaced about the vending areas. Vendors are responsible for their own electrical extension cords and power bars. Up to 100 feet of quality extension cord may be required to run from the distribution panel to your booth.

Food vendors: Water supply and grey-water disposal

There will be a household garden-hose style connection to have access to potable water for your kitchen. If using a hose to run to your kitchen, it must be ‘food-grade’. Grey-water should be disposed of as per the City Of Winnipeg by-laws. Food vendors must have a permit to operate in Winnipeg and send their permit to us along with this agreement.

No amplified music or independent sound-systems are allowed for vendors other than a ‘ghetto blaster’ or speakers less than 300 watts total for background ambiance at the shop.

Generators are not permitted during the festival hours unless they are ‘silent-running’ and “clean-running”, meaning no loud buzz and no excessive exhaust smell.

Vendors must supply, set up, and remove their own shelters, tables, displays, decoration, and goods.

Vendors are to be licensed or permitted, if applicable, and operate in accordance with all government regulations as required in Manitoba.

Vendor Application

To receive a Vendor Application form please email MEMETIC at

[email protected]